Counselling in Manotick

Manotick, Ontario

Ottawa Counselling and Mediation Services provide warm, empathetic, and professional counselling to help resolve personal and relationship difficulties. Our team understands that we all face challenges our go through periods of sadness in our lives, where just need some support to learn how to work through these times and how to find ourselves again.

For these reasons we have been providing counselling, hypnotherapy, and mediation services in the National Capital Region since 1979. We believe that counselling isn’t just for those who are hurting, but that anyone can benefit from an ongoing counselling, mediation, or life coaching process. Based on the extensive knowledge and experience of our committed counsellors and mediators, we provide an atmosphere of trust and safety for each one of our clients. It is our priority to create an environment that enables them to freely and openly address their concerns.

We take the time to truly listen to what brought you to our session and to understand what your counselling goals and hopes are. Many clients that come to us struggle with very similar things in life. Feelings of overall stress about their achievements in life, a sense of disconnection from their loved ones, unusual sadness, feelings of not being heard or doubt in their own capabilities.

With life coaching and emotional health professionals available to our clients, our team has provided long-term confidential services to families, individuals, and couples. From Aston Road to Jockvale Road to Spratt Road to Woodland Place, we serve the entire Manotick area. We are here to support you. Reach out to us today to schedule a time for the things that matter to you!