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Our Guide to Peaceful Meditation

Our Guide to Peaceful Meditation
Meditating isn’t something that comes naturally to us as humans. In life, our minds are filled with so many thoughts that it seems impossible to turn them off. With meditation, it’s not about deactivating intrusive thoughts, but more awareness of what you’re thinking about and being in the present moment.  The mind wandering during a Continue Reading

Shopping For A Mediator

The A to Z of Shopping for a Mediator To find a true craftsperson in any field is difficult, but in a complex field like mediation it is even harder. The following checklist is intended to assist you in this process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of prospective mediators. You will have to live Continue Reading

Mediation for Codependent Couples

Comprehensive Divorce Mediation-Arbitration with a Chronically Codependent Separating Couple I. ANALYTICAL EXPOSITION Description of the Subject, Identifying the Salient Points, Intrinsic Understanding of the Subject II. CRITICAL CONTEXT The Codependence “Uncovery”, Review of the Literature III. INTEGRATIVE CONCLUSION Over-all Synthesis, Impact Upon Clients and Professionals IV. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY   I. ANALYTICAL EXPOSITION DESCRIPTION OF THE Continue Reading