Family Financial Mediation


Richard’s background and experience are a balanced blend of mathematical, analytical and financial training and skills and psychological and human relations training and skills.

Richard earned his Ph.D. in Counselling Therapy (with a double major in Mediation and Counselling) in 1991. Previously he had obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics at Boston University in 1967 and his Master’s Degree (in Administration and Counselling) from Antioch University at Harvard University in 1981. He holds a Secondary School Teacher’s Certificate in Mathematics and has taught Grade 13 Mathematics of Finance in the Toronto school system. He also has worked as a Mathematical Systems Analyst at I.B.M. in Toronto.

Richard has initiated and developed several businesses and organizations. These enterprises, which he financially structured, have been operating successfully for over 25 years. One example is a private high school in Toronto, Inglenook School, at which Richard was the Principal and the Chairman of the Board.

In the last two decades Richard has acted on his own behalf in the Ontario Courts on almost all of the issues of family law and thus he has a keen sense and knowledge of the dynamics of the legal system and also of the thoughts and feelings of the clientele in relation to separation and divorce.

He has worked for the past 20 years in private practice as a Financial Mediator, Comprehensive Family Mediator – Arbitrator and as a Counsellor. Richard has successfully completed over 2,000 comprehensive mediations.


1. Richard’s financial planning creativity and his inter – disciplinary background often lead to unique solutions in intractable cases.

2. Richard often works in tandem with an accountant. This technique works very well for families who have many assets or high incomes leading to significant tax implications.

3. The legalistic, surgical approach can often be replaced by a sequential, timed, mutually agreed upon economic disengagement.

4. Richard’s fees for financial mediation are significantly less expensive than those of any other financial mediator.