• Robert S., Therapist and Life Coach

    Richard is an awesome empathic therapist who brings years of experience and training into service for his clients. I have always been a full participant in my sessions with Richard, who always and easily provided an excellent environment of care and concern for my wellbeing. My issues were presented to Richard as complicated and sensitive, and he welcomed my trust in his supportive efforts to bring me into reconciliation with myself and my challenges. I’ve accumulated over 30 hrs. in session with Richard over the last several months, and I am a changed person now from when I began. My daily life experiences are much more readily understood by me, my growing accomplishments are more fortunate and complete, and my future plans and wants/needs are much closer to being achieved now than ever before. As a matter of fact, my sessions have brought such clarity and positive change to me personally, my wife and I have just last week begun couple sessions work with Richard, and we are already enjoying results from our combined efforts. I highly recommend Richard as a deeply caring, progressive, and positively cheerful therapist!

  • Tania K., Social Worker

    “I’ve never had a spiritual connection as strong as the one I have with Richard. I have been consulting Richard on and off since 2006 and in the few sessions we have had, I can honestly say that nothing compares to this Therapist insight, knowledge, strength, and compassion. This is not your “typical” counselling sessions where you sit down and talk for hours about your problems. With Richard, I feel “he gets it” and I don’t have to revisit all the painful experiences in my life. Of course we talk about the route of things but the sessions are focused on the present and how to maneuver “get out” of whatever it is you are experiencing. Richard is able to connect in ways that is beyond my years and I have yet to see this in any professional in this field (even being one myself)….he is definitely an expert in internal conflict and I can say that he has empowered me to be the balanced individual that I am today. He tells it like it is and incorporates humor that anyone can sure appreciate. What I like the most is after my sessions, I feel more and more present and insight just rises as my days goes by. Anyone would benefit from meeting Richard. Oh and thank your Richard for your time and “energy” that you give at each session. “

  • Anonymous

    Richard was friendly, helpful and insightful. He showed patience in both listening and explaining throughout our discussion. I would certainly recommend him to any of my friends or colleagues. Thanks, Richard!

  • M. McConnell

    Richard brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to his practice. His open and straight-forward manner enables him to connect easily with people and zero in on their issues. His concept of Partners in Healing is not just a slogan – it is his lifestyle. He is assiduous about getting down to root causes and working with people to develop effective and creative solutions. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who is looking for a heart-connected, down-to-earth counsellor who puts people first.

  • Anonymous

    Richard’s counselling is AMAZING. I came across his website a few years ago. His approach spoke to me immediately and I continue to be impressed. During our first meeting he listened for a long time taking notes for our talk afterwards. In every session after that he listened with the same care trying and succeeding in identifying the root cause for the particular issues I was seeking help for. He counselled and guided me in such a way that I accepted that and grasped what to shift in my thinking. Our meetings were always mutually respectful, very enjoyable as well as equal. Richard led me to see that the courage for making myself happy in this life lies within me. He has a keen analytic mind combined with the courage to confront the barriers to his own happiness. Only good can come from a counsellor, who lives by his own counselling approach and is one of the most profoundly happy individuals I have ever met.

  • Anonymous

    F.Y.I. This wonderful man changed my life, saved my marriage problems, with my abuse of alcohol, and was so very intuitive he was an angel!!!! I am 56, have been to holy men, doctors, therapists, nuns,nurses, friends, AAA, and the only cure was Dr. Richard. If You did not get his gift ….you need to search for more help!!!!! That would be one in a thousand at the most!!! I love all your help and continued support, Keep up the life saving work!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU WHO ARE OPEN TO YOU AND HELP!!