5 Methods to Minimize Your Holiday-Related Stress

5 Methods to Minimize Your Holiday-Related Stress

Feeling anxious or stressed about the upcoming holiday season? Between the shopping lists, family visits, work parties, schmoozing, and everything in between, many of us can feel excited and overwhelmed during this time of the year. But, you don’t have to let it ruin the mood or your experience. Instead, use these practical methods to help minimize your holiday-related stress and make the most of it.

Face Your Feelings

If you notice that every year, your anxiety peaks during the course of the holidays, acknowledge it and then take some time to pinpoint what exactly is making you feel that way. Maybe it’s the idea of cooking a big meal for everyone, seeing certain family members or feeling financially strained during the gift-giving season. Whatever it is, it’s important to first recognize your feelings and identify what it is that’s triggering them.

Minimize the Things that Cause You Stress

If the idea of whipping up a lavish meal for your in-laws is making you feel panicky and overwhelmed, then make it a priority to minimize doing those things. There are always options available to you that can offer an alternative. For example, you could host a potluck instead and get everyone to pitch in by bringing along an item for dinner. It’s okay to opt out on certain activities that make your blood pressure soar. And remember, there are always alternatives options available.

Set Differences Aside

If there’s tension between certain family members or your in-laws, and opting out on a get-together just isn’t feasible, then try to just place your differences aside for the evening. Focus on the fact that it’s just a short period of time that you have to see and interact with them throughout the year. You don’t want to be the person who ends up creating an uncomfortable situation on what’s supposed to be a celebratory occasion.

Take Some Personal Time

Remember to also carve out some personal time for yourself. When you’re feeling caught up in all of the commotion, take a breather and spend some time alone. Head to your local coffee shop, go for a walk, plan an evening for some “me” time and find whatever it is that lets you calm down, clear your mind, and relax.

Talk to a Counsellor

Sometimes, even despite your efforts and best intentions, poor emotions and stress can still persist. Speaking to a counsellor can offer the professional guidance and support to help you understand what you’re feeling and how you can learn to manage it.

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