5 Tips for a Healthy Marriage for Newlyweds

5 Tips for a Healthy Marriage for Newlyweds

For any marriage to work, communication needs to be a major ingredient. Whether it’s newlyweds or a marriage of 10-plus years – any strong, healthy relationship requires work. The first initial year of marriage is exceptionally crucial for setting the foundation for your future together. This is a time when you’re learning a lot about each other – even when you thought you had everything already figured out. After the ‘honeymoon stage,’ you will realize that sharing your life with another person will come with moments of struggle, frustration, anger, and many other emotions in between. But being able to wade through those waters is what will keep your marriage going strong for many years to come.

To help you establish a healthy foundation right from the get-go, here are some tips for a healthy marriage for newlyweds.

Understand That It’s a Learning Process

Being able to share your life in complete harmony with another isn’t exactly realistic. There will always be challenges that arise, especially when it comes to navigating through the world as a new married couple, without losing your self during the process. This can be difficult for many people. But the key is to understand that it’s all a learning process, and you both must be willing to grow and adapt to allow your marriage to thrive.

Don’t Lose the Romance

Romance and spontaneity are essential to keep the passion and love alive in any relationship. It’s what gets you excited to spend time together. So try to maintain this because it’s something that can quickly fade as you get wrapped up in the whims of everyday life. Avoid the predictable couch nights, remove your cell phones during dinner, and don’t let work trump your obligations to each other. Help encourage one another to keep that romantic passion alive that brought you together in the first place.

Take Care of Yourself

Another critical point for maintaining a healthy marriage for newlyweds is to take care of yourself. As married couples experience more life together, it can be easy enough to forget about taking care of themselves, especially when they’ve been focused on taking care of their partner or family. But in order to take care of others, you must make time to rejuvenate, reset, and nurture yourself. Don’t lose yourself in your marriage.

Make Time for Adventure

As newlyweds, there’s so much energy and excitement surrounding the aftermath of your marriage. But over time, that sense of excitement and adventure can gradually begin to wane. The key to overcoming this is to make time for some adventure. This doesn’t have to be anything big or elaborate. It could mean trying out a new restaurant, exploring the trails nearby, or even trying new things in the bedroom. The spice of life is an adventure, whether it’s big or small.

Support and Respect Each Other

When asking married couples of 40 plus years how they made it last, one of the most common responses is showing respect and support for one another. It’s what keeps a marriage thriving. Maintaining a healthy marriage as newlyweds means always giving the support and respect your partner deserves.

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