6 Tips to Surviving Moving in With Your Partner

6 Tips to Surviving Moving in With Your Partner

Are you ready to move in together with your partner?  It can be exhilarating, but it can also be stressful and place new strain on the relationship, especially if this is your first time living with a partner. If you’re feeling apprehensive about it, here we provide you with some quick tips on how to survive moving in with your partner.

Discuss Expectations

Right off the get-go you should both discuss your expectations regarding living arrangements. Topics can involve chores, cooking, cleaning, visitors, personal time, and even decorating. It will be important to figure out what you’re both comfortable with while learning to compromise in case of any disagreements.

Figure out Money

Money can make or break a relationship. Understanding who will pay for what, and how you will balance your finances and debt is one of the most important factors to iron out.

Talk Furniture

Both of you will have furniture that you love and cherish, but chances are that it simply may not be practical for the décor and space. Be realistic about style and space, and try not to get too caught in on the “what is mine and what is yours” scenario. Sharing is a big part of being in a relationship, and if you can think of the furniture as being “ours” from the day you move in, it will be much easier to adjust.

Mutual Style

Figure out what style works for the both of you. That means saying goodbye to your individual styles and start decorating and furnishing with the consideration of both.

Be Patient

Patience is key with anything. Making this move can be hard! And you both most likely will need some time to adjust to each other’s different habits and nuances that you may not have had to face consistently on a daily basis prior to the move. Give yourself and your partner some personal time, don’t suffocate one another, and if you both feel overwhelmed, take some time out.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Talking about your needs and boundaries is highly important in a relationship. Becoming comfortable with each other, and talking and expressing yourselves will greatly help your relationship in the long run. Most importantly listen to your partner, and try to understand where they are coming from before reacting. Always be respectful when communicating.

Preparation is essential for having this type of big change happen smoothly. Be open with one another and discuss any concerns and irritations in a respectful manner. Above all else, learn to embrace each other’s quirky habits and learn to see all of the constructive aspects that you get to enjoy each and every day together.

Whether you are a young couple moving in for the first time, or a long-term married couple that wants to keep the relationship strong, couples counselling can help improve communication and empower both parties.

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