A Brief Introduction to Hypnotherapy

A Brief Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Are you curious about hypnotherapy? Or wondering if it can help you? Hypnotherapy is administered by a clinical hypnotherapist who eases clients into a trance-like state. This guided hypnosis allows you to become fully immersed in your own thoughts and encourages your mind to stay deeply focused with the guidance of your therapist.

Together, they help you look inward to understand and change specific thoughts and patterns of behaviour that may be hindering or impacting specific areas of your life. To learn more about this form of treatment, here is a brief introduction to hypnotherapy.

What is it Used for

This method of hypnosis is often used alongside other forms of therapy. It can be used to help treat fears and phobias, anxiety, substance abuse, negative behaviours, bad habits, and patterns among many other things. In addition to helping diminish certain issues and problems, it can also be used to help improve relationships and can even assist with medical conditions like pain management.

How it Works

Hypnotherapy is a tool that helps clients access a deeper level of consciousness through various techniques. This helps both the patient and therapist utilize “radical honesty” which is a fundamental key in overcoming many of the targeted issues during treatments. Hypnosis helps patients use their honest emotions to learn, understand, and eventually overcome the challenging situations they have been facing.  

What to Expect

Hypnosis should only be conducted by a trained, clinical therapist. These sessions are usually performed in a quiet and comfortable environment where the therapist begins by helping clients relax and focus on the issues at hand. Unlike what you may see in the movies, this does not mean that patients will be placed into an unconscious state or put to sleep. In fact, you will be in control and able to hear what your therapist is saying. You are always in control to make decisions as you choose during hypnosis.

If you would like to learn more about hypnotherapy or if you believe it could be beneficial to you, feel free to reach out to us at Ottawa Hypnosis. We can guide and assist you in treating and eradicating poor or destructive behaviours. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.