Becoming Confident


Throughout the course of our lives, we often dream of grand ambitions, but let fear hold us back. We want love, but are afraid of heartbreak. We want the big promotion, but doubt our ability to perform. We want to travel the world on a whim, but are afraid to leave the comfort of home. Confidence can help us tackle fear, putting us on track to become the people we aspire to be. With the support of a counsellor, Ottawa residents can become more confident by:

Finding Your Innate Confidence

We are born with confidence – is there anyone more visibly confident than a three or four-year old? But we let inner doubt or concern about how other people may judge us crush this confidence until we are uncertain of anything. You can rekindle your innate confidence by consciously allowing it to bloom and casting aside fear and doubt. Don’t let external pressure have a hold over you and your confidence.

Trust Your Capabilities and Talents

You have strengths, special skills, and unique talents. Take the time to observe yourself with a compassionate eye but without judgement. Realize that you have many capabilities and that you are a positive force at your job, in your community, and in your family. Have confidence in your abilities and trust that others value your contributions. If you would like to tackle this issue with the support of a counsellor, Ottawa residents have many qualified options.

Learn to Accept Praise

A big part of becoming confidence is learning to accept praise. Trust that when other people offer praise, they are not simply paying lip service or playing mind games, but genuinely value and respect you. Positive recognition and reinforcement can help to build confidence. Praise is a sign that you’re doing things right, and are certainly capable of repeating it in the future, so it can stamp out self-doubt and uncertainty.

Take Risks & Embrace Change

You might assume that being confident allows you to take risks. Actually, it’s the opposite. Despite all of your fear and self-doubt, you take the leap and take a risk. When it proves to be successful, you gain confidence because you realize you are capable of achieving your goals or bouncing back from failure. This confidence can multiply as you accept more challenges and seek personal growth.


Becoming confident doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s not a one-time thing. You need to practice and be mindful of what you are hoping to achieve. Confidence breeds confidence, and it can absolutely be improved with practice and repetition. Adapt a positive outlook, be mindful and present, and embrace your mission toward becoming confident.

Never forget that you are a capable and worthy individual. It takes a lot of effort and hard work, but with the support of a counsellor, Ottawa residents can stamp out fear and let confidence lead the way.