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Comprehensive Divorce Mediation

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters Originally published in the newsletter of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, Fall 1988 In Comprehensive Divorce Mediation, one professionally trained mediator guides a divorcing family (including the children) through the emotions, the child-related decisions, and the financial decisions of separation and divorce. The mediator also takes on the role Continue Reading

In Best Interest of the Family

A Rationale for Mandatory Entry into Divorce Mediation By Richard Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) – written Oct. 1988 Originally appeared in Family Mediation Canada Newsletter, Winter 1989   I. INTRODUCTION When a family separates, it does not “break up” other than in a legal sense. The words “breaking up” are a linguistic simplification of a Continue Reading

An Expert in Conflict

Written By: Julie Oliver Copyright © October 26, 1997 The Ottawa Citizen Richard Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) is an expert in conflict. His expertise is drawn from life. He watched his father beat up his mother. He watched his neighbours battle each other bloody in gang fights. He watched his nation simmer and boil in Continue Reading


Many clients who come to my offices are suffering from feelings of being hurt by another and are hoping very much that the other person will apologize to them. Somehow when the other person just says, “I am sorry.”, they do not feel better. They want more than a simple statement and here is why: Continue Reading


Canadian Council for Family Mediation and Arbitration The initial founding principles of the C.C.F.M.A. are:   a. To cultivate mediation-arbitration as a world-view. It is a way of life. b. To develop mediation-arbitration as a profession that stands on its own. It is not an “alternative” to any other profession. c. To train and encourage Continue Reading