Canadian Council for Family Mediation and Arbitration

The initial founding principles of the C.C.F.M.A. are:


a. To cultivate mediation-arbitration as a world-view. It is a way of life.

b. To develop mediation-arbitration as a profession that stands on its own. It is not an “alternative” to any other profession.

c. To train and encourage Chartered Mediator-Arbitrators who are “heart-connected” persons. They are warm and caring towards themselves and towards others.

d. Utilization of the World Wide Web on the Internet to spread the concept of “med – arb” as imperative for human survival on this planet.

e. To provide a forum for mental health professionals who are engaged exclusively in the mental health field or in the mediation field on a full-time or part-time basis. C.C.F.M.A. Members have not engaged in any non-personal adversarial practices or worked or studied in any adversarial environment for at least ten (10) years.

f. To ensure public access to mental health professionals who provide comprehensive divorce mediation-arbitration and to provide training and internships for new mediator-arbitrators from the mental health professions.

g. To lobby for Mediation Aid directly billable through a mental health professional. The present complex Legal Aid for mediation system is almost totally failing to reach the class of people who have low income and resources.

h. To fully support the principles of informed consent, full financial disclosure, and independent legal advice.