Dealing with Holiday Stress

dealing with holiday stress

stress seems to plague us no matter how prepared we think we are. These tips can help you deal with holiday stress and find more joy in the season:

Cast Perfection Aside

Don’t get caught up with the illusion that the holidays have to be perfect. Toss aside the notion that the tree, perfectly executed meal and thousands of dollars in gifts is what the holidays are all about. Instead, focus on what is important such as being with family and friends.

Ask for Help

Just because the party is at your house doesn’t mean people aren’t willing to help. One great tip from Metropolitan Psychological Services, PLLC is to enlist help with specific instructions so people know what they can do. People are happy to contribute since you are the one opening your home. Have a pot luck and ask each person to bring an assigned dish. Ask someone to bring music or to be in charge of dishes and silverware. You will have a great get together with less stress everyone will enjoy.


Don’t feel pressured to donate time you don’t actually have. Consider what works for you. In some cases it is working at the soup kitchen and in others it might be better to donate food and toys instead of your time. Either way you are making a difference and can feel good about yourself.

Tech Free

Constant connection with your phone is very stressful. When enjoying holiday parties and dinners leave your phone in the car or in your purse. Be completely in the moment with family and friends and keep the technology out of it.


Don’t forget to sit and enjoy some down time between baking, shopping and entertaining. Even 15 minutes of peace will help keep you grounded.


The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with loved ones. If you can’t be with them reach out to the community and get involved. You will feel better and help fight loneliness.

Following these helpful tips will help prepare you to deal with holiday stress and not let it get the better of you.