How Coaching Can Take Your Career to New Levels

Career Coaching Ottawa

Your career has a huge impact on your overall happiness. Most people need to feel satisfied in their work to enjoy their life more completely. When you are finding your career lacks opportunity it is a good idea to decide why opportunity is eluding you. The career coaching that Ottawa counsellors offer can help you pinpoint where you are in need of assistance to enhance your strengths and open new doors for your success.


You might notice certain people in your organization who seem to stand out at every meeting. They are quick with ideas, appear to be completely absorbed in what everyone is saying and even seem to have a presence that sets them apart from the crowd. Attitude and posturing play a key role in how people perceive you. If you are slouched and constantly glancing down at your phone, you will appear to not care about the meeting and therefore your job. If you roll your eyes or look out the window during presentations you will be sending the message that you have nothing to learn. The career coaching Ottawa counsellors offer can provide insight and advice on how you can improve your attitude in order to change people’s perception of you and help position you as someone who is looking for opportunities.

Being Engaged

Being engaged in your job means that you are participating with an “all-in” attitude. You jump at the chance to volunteer for high profile projects and in many cases don’t even have to volunteer as managers love your work and want to involve you. In other words you are invited to participate. When you are not engaged, you fail to leave a lasting impression on managers and blend in with the rest of the under-achievers. Coaching can assist you in learning how to remain engaged and raise your profile as a “can do” candidate for promotions.

Interviews and Presentations

The career coaching Ottawa counsellors provide can also assist in improving your interview and presentation skills. Whether you are seeking to leave your current position or are applying for a job internally the career coaching Ottawa counsellors offer can prepare you to be more effective during interviews and leave a lasting and positive impression. You can also learn how to improve your presentation skills which will give you you the confidence to be more effective when speaking to management and make you appear more capable.