How Do You Determine Your Self-Worth? 

How Do You Determine Your Self-Worth?

Feelings of unworthiness can be extremely damaging to your self-confidence. There are many words that describe how we feel, how we think, and how we act about ourselves. We need to be aware of how we use them about ourselves as they have a direct impact on our self-worth. Today, we will cover determining your own self-worth, so you can heal, grow, and prosper.  

Knowing Who You Are 

As many of us already know, appearance is a big factor in our self-worth. The media has dramatically influenced how we always compare ourselves to others. Allowing your personality to shine through without drawing attention to your appearance is key. Increasing your self-understanding will help you develop and maintain self-worth. You decide your worth and knowing how to pick yourself back up in tough situations will boost your self-worth at your core. Self-acceptance is another essential factor that increases self-worth. Understand that you won’t be an expert in every aspect of your life. This will give you time to focus on the things that are the most important to you. When you can accept yourself and all your flaws, others will do the same. 

Your Surroundings

With most traits, it is a life-long process, it takes time to find yourself and to bring out the best version of yourself. One way to ensure that you can determine self-worth is by surrounding yourself with positive people. Having family, friends and significant others that can bring you up when you are feeling down is crucial. Take time to reflect on those who bring positive energy into your life and those that are not worth keeping around. People that can give you positive reinforcement and praise when necessary are important to make you feel good about yourself. Once you can appreciate those around you and yourself, you have recognized your self-worth. 

Do What You Love 

And love what you do… Your career determines a lot about your identity. Having a job that makes you feel worthwhile and is thrilling will boost your self-worth. Your job title should not be the only thing you identify yourself by; you should truly enjoy what you do. Your accomplishments will help your self-worth achieve greater success. Find a career that will create meaning and purpose. Your material possessions and your income won’t create happiness at the end of the day. 

If you are having doubts about your worthiness or would like to increase your self-worth, contact us at Ottawa Counselling. We can work with you on accepting yourself and unpacking your insecurities, so you can overcome them.