How Individual Counselling Can Empower You


Empower: Even the word itself summons feelings of confidence and hope. Here is how individual counselling by Ottawa Counselling Services can empower you:

Personal Responsibility

Many of us lose sight of the fact that we are personally responsible for our own happiness and success. If you lack self-esteem or have an attitude that keeps you from realizing your own potential, you may have inadvertently been the victim of influences in your life that have stopped you from seeing your own self-worth. If you do not feel good about yourself it is very difficult for you to feel empowered to make changes or even choices that will improve your life. Personal responsibility is a gift you can receive through individual counselling with Ottawa Counselling Services. You will learn the importance of looking at yourself as a capable and powerful entity in your own life and take on the personal responsibility of improving your own situation.

Becoming Care Free

Being care free is not about being free of responsibility. Instead becoming care free is about becoming free of stress and anxiety. When you learn to become empowered you are learning to cast aside your negativity and embrace the joy of making your own decisions and living with them. More so you are empowered to not only make decisions, but change them if you feel your choices were wrong. Along with personal responsibility comes the realization that you are empowered to look at yourself, make a choice and learn from that choice be it right or wrong. Your life will become more carefree as you learn that you can make the choices that will determine the lifestyle you will lead. Confidence in your own abilities and a feeling of self-worth and more importantly trust in yourself will ease the burden of past pain and disappointment and allow you to move forward with confidence.

The Tool of Personal Empowerment

Individual counselling with Ottawa Counselling Services will give you the tool of personal empowerment. You then have the power to use this tool to:

• Drive away people who can cause you harm
• Identify your own needs, wants and desires in order to pursue happiness
• Become a supportive individual in other’s lives in order to improve relationships

Individual counselling with Ottawa Counselling Services can empower you, help you realize your own potential and help you take control of your life.