How to Handle Conflicts in Marriage Peacefully

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When you’re in a relationship, you’ll have fantastic days and bad days no matter who you are. Disagreements can be common, especially when there’s a lack of communication or understanding. But even though conflict is normal, it can have a lasting impact and ruin any relationship if it’s not dealt with properly. If you’ve been fighting more frequently with your partner, try the tips below to handle conflict peacefully for a long-lasting marriage.

Listen Calmly

It’s difficult to sit back and listen when someone is stating untrue facts or trying to egg you on. That said, it’s important to stay calm and listen to what the other person has to say. Listen to their point of view and let them be heard until they are done expressing their feelings. Often times, people get upset because they feel they are not being validated or understood, so take the time to open your ears before you open your mouth — it will pay off in the long run.

Take Responsibility

If you’re at fault or in the wrong, fess up and take responsibility. Nothing fuels the fire more than trying to blame others for actions or pretending you didn’t do something that you did. Admit to where you went wrong and offer ways to fix it — solutions are what resolves conflict peacefully.

Agree Instead of Argue

When a conflict arises, it’s easy to argue against every fact that someone else presents, especially when you feel they are in the wrong. But if you want to resolve the issue quickly, then you’ll need to look for areas of compromise, where you can both agree upon something and then work from there. This little trick will help to eliminate the “fight” response and will create a better environment for discussion. Only once you are both calm is it wise to talk over any issues in which you disagree in a loving and accepting way.

Know When to Take a Time Out

If things get heated or come to a point where both parties are not listening to one another, then it’s time to take a break. Going for a walk, heading to the gym, or sleeping on an issue can give each person some time to cool down and carefully examine the situation from a calm and collected state. Sometimes this simple step alone can resolve conflict.

Learn From It

Every conflict or battle with your spouse should provide a valuable lesson. If you walk away like nothing happened, the topic is likely to go unresolved and come up again. Instead, attempt to find out why your spouse is feeling a certain way and try to find a way to learn from this going forward and how you can resolve issues like this before they happen in the future.

If you’ve tried to handle conflict peacefully but are struggling to resolve issues with your spouse, it may be time to speak to someone who knows what you’re going through. Contact us today.