Kicking Off 2021 On the Right Foot

Kicking Off 2021 On the Right Foot

Like most people, you’re probably thrilled that 2020 has finally come to an end. With the new year upon us, many of us are thinking about how we can grow and improve this year. If you’re looking to walk into 2021 with your best foot forward, we have some self-care tips below to help you out.

Start Visualizing Your Future Self 

To kick off 2021, start by setting goals and think of what you want your reality to look like. How do you want to feel? Where do you want to be living? What dream job will you be working at? Think about what your ideal reality would look like in as much detail as you can and write it down. Then, make a habit to close your eyes and picture those goals and aspirations as if they were already happening. The key with visualizations is tapping into the emotional aspect of them. So as you are doing this, focus on how you feel. Visualizations are a powerful way to tap into your subconscious to help shift your thought patterns and your reality.

Read or Listen to Podcasts to Help You Learn and Grow

Whether it’s podcasts, audiobooks or TED Talks, feeding your mind with new information that aligns with your interests will distract negative thoughts while helping you learn and grow. With so much available at your fingertips these days, you can choose almost anything to learn about, including personal growth. So why not take advantage?

Focus on Baby Steps

If you’re worried about flopping on your goals, break them down into baby steps. Sometimes, we set goals that simply aren’t possible without taking smaller steps in between. So if you want to eat healthier or exercise more, make sure your goals are realistic. Start by giving yourself a minimum – like 10 minutes of exercise each day or eating one healthy meal every day. It’s much easier to convince yourself to take one small step instead of one giant one. And smaller steps will still keep you moving in the right direction, while encouraging you to keep at it.

Attend Counselling

When you want to invest in your own personal growth and wellbeing, consider counselling. A counsellor can assist you in understanding more about yourself and what you are feeling, assist you in managing your emotions, learning how to communicate effectively, and pushing yourself to get to the place you want to be.

If you’re looking for counselling services, reach out to us at Ottawa Counselling to book your first appointment.