Letting Go of Your Inner Monster

letting go of your inner monster

Anger is a strong and aggressive emotion that can hold you back from living a happy and productive life. Here are some ways that anger management will help you learn to let go of your inner monster:

Recognizing who Loses

Anger management will help you discover the person who loses the most from your anger is you. When you hold on to anger due to what you feel was unfair or wrong actions towards you it is you yourself who suffers the most. As they saying goes, the best revenge is living well. Learning to see that you are your own worst enemy will help free you from the torture your own mind and soul experience due to your anger issues.


Often your anger is a result of things that have occurred in your past. First it is important to acknowledge these events and learn to understand that yes they were wrong and unfortunate but that in order for you to be free of the burden of carrying these events around with you it is necessary for you to forgive. Without forgiveness you will remain bitter and suffer from discontent for your entire life.

Stress Relief and Release

Anger will build up in your heart and mind as unbearable stress. This stress leads to both health and mental issues. If you cannot learn how to release your stress in a healthy and productive way you will continue to experience moments of unmanageable anger that can ruin your life. Acts of violence and lashing out at others will continue to separate you from society and alienate you from friends and family. Learning to manage stress and techniques for healthy relief and release of stress is part of the anger counselling that Ottawa Counselling Services will offer.


Often anger is due to a feeling of helplessness. You may have experienced events in the past that made you feel your power and control was taken away from you. Anger counselling offers you a way to learn to take back your power and help you realize you are in control without the need to lash out or become violent in order to establish your sense of power. Empowerment gives you back your life.

The anger counselling that Ottawa Counselling Services offers can help you gain control of your anger and in turn find ways to improve your life.