Managing Your Emotions

dealing with emotions

For many people it can be difficult to cope with emotions such as anger, sadness and anxiety. Ottawa Counselling Services can help teach you how to manage your emotions so you are better able to cope and enjoy your life.

Know your Emotions

There are so many different emotions sometimes it can be difficult to see what is driving them. For example someone who suffers from uncontrollable jealousy might be dealing with feelings of poor self-esteem. Someone who is unable to manage their anger might be feeling afraid, and therefore lash out in order to hide their fear. Ottawa Counselling Services can help you explore your feelings so you can better understand what is triggering your emotions.

Becoming More Conscious

Many people suppress their emotions or ignore them. This can allow them to grow into something less manageable. Ottawa Counselling Services can help you identify emotions as they arise so you are able to deal with them and move on. Saying “I am angry or sad or afraid because…” whenever emotions arise will allow you to be conscious of your feelings. You will be better equipped to deal with emotions so you can learn to control them instead of letting them control you.

Understanding Other People’s Emotions

Another part of managing your emotions is to learn to understand the emotions of others. It is very easy to lose control over your own emotions because you are so caught up in the what you believe someone else is feeling. This is a very slippery slope and can cause major issues in relationships. Accepting and understanding the emotions and reactions of others will help you maintain control over your own.

Rational Thinking

When you are not in control of your emotions it can stop you from thinking rationally. Learning to manage your emotions will allow you to become more rational in your thinking. You will have time to assess the situation and instead of simply reacting, you can calmly deal with things as they arise. Rational thinking is the ability to manage your emotions and come up with solutions. You will gain control of your life and master situations instead of getting carried away in the moment.

Managing your emotions will allow you to address your options instead of simply reacting. You will learn to make the right choices and live a happy, calm and productive life.