Opening Your Mind With Hypnotherapy

opening your mind with hypnotherapy

When people have experienced particularly difficult events in their lives they can carry pain around as a constant reminder of the past. When you are unable to accept difficult events in your life you will not be able to move forward and live a happy and productive life. For many people, these events are kept at bay and they wear blinders to protect themselves from remembering or sharing difficult times and memories. Although they might even undergo therapy to help them overcome their past challenges they might still find it difficult to express the more traumatic events and therefore their therapy is less effective.

Discovering Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy gives you the chance to open your mind and reach into your deepest memories. When undergoing hypnotherapy services, Ottawa Counselling Services clients are truly able to get in touch with their selves and find freedom from their past. You will be able to finally open up and share the memories you have always wanted to remember but were subconsciously blocking. The beauty of hypnosis is that it does not allow a therapist to maintain control over your mind and force you to explore areas of your memory you are avoiding. Instead it acts as a guide to open your mind and discover the areas you wish to explore.

The Feelings of Hypnosis

Hypnosis does not only release emotional feelings, but physical feelings as well. When under hypnosis people describe they experience feeling the following:

  • • Sense of well being
  • • Higher pain threshold
  • • Stronger access of memories
  • • Better understanding of ideas
  • • Openness to new ideas and better understanding of personal values

Through hypnotherapy you will learn to identify your own difficult feelings and emotions and learn how to quell them. This in turn will allow you to enjoy feelings of release and freedom allowing you to experience life more positively and with more joy.

Physical Relief

From a physical standpoint studies have shown hypnotherapy can also improve patients with issues including:

  • • IBS
  • • Hot flashes
  • • Pain
  • • Sleep

How Hypnotherapy Helps

If you are feeling any of the following difficult emotions the hypnotherapy services Ottawa therapists offer can help:

  • • Stress
  • • Low self-esteem
  • • Anxiety and depression
  • • Relationship concerns
  • • Emotional blocks
  • • Emotional “numbness”

The hypnotherapy services that Ottawa Counselling Services offers will help you identify what is causing these negative emotions. They will then help you learn how to overcome them and become more at peace with your past.