Robert S., Therapist and Life Coach

Richard is an awesome empathic therapist who brings years of experience and training into service for his clients. I have always been a full participant in my sessions with Richard, who always and easily provided an excellent environment of care and concern for my wellbeing. My issues were presented to Richard as complicated and sensitive, and he welcomed my trust in his supportive efforts to bring me into reconciliation with myself and my challenges. I’ve accumulated over 30 hrs. in session with Richard over the last several months, and I am a changed person now from when I began. My daily life experiences are much more readily understood by me, my growing accomplishments are more fortunate and complete, and my future plans and wants/needs are much closer to being achieved now than ever before. As a matter of fact, my sessions have brought such clarity and positive change to me personally, my wife and I have just last week begun couple sessions work with Richard, and we are already enjoying results from our combined efforts. I highly recommend Richard as a deeply caring, progressive, and positively cheerful therapist!