Tania K., Social Worker

“I’ve never had a spiritual connection as strong as the one I have with Richard. I have been consulting Richard on and off since 2006 and in the few sessions we have had, I can honestly say that nothing compares to this Therapist insight, knowledge, strength, and compassion. This is not your “typical” counselling sessions where you sit down and talk for hours about your problems. With Richard, I feel “he gets it” and I don’t have to revisit all the painful experiences in my life. Of course we talk about the route of things but the sessions are focused on the present and how to maneuver “get out” of whatever it is you are experiencing. Richard is able to connect in ways that is beyond my years and I have yet to see this in any professional in this field (even being one myself)….he is definitely an expert in internal conflict and I can say that he has empowered me to be the balanced individual that I am today. He tells it like it is and incorporates humor that anyone can sure appreciate. What I like the most is after my sessions, I feel more and more present and insight just rises as my days goes by. Anyone would benefit from meeting Richard. Oh and thank your Richard for your time and “energy” that you give at each session. “