Understanding the Difference Between Coaching and Counselling

Understanding the Difference Between Coaching and Counselling

Wondering what the difference is between coaching and counselling? Read on to learn more about each and which one might be the right fit for you.


Helps You Understand Your Feelings

The purpose of seeing a counsellor is to learn more about the feelings and problems that you are experiencing on a deeper level. A counsellor will help you dig into your past, uncover buried trauma, connect the dots on various issues, and ultimately talk out your feelings to find out what’s causing them to surface in intrusive ways.  

Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Counsellors commonly deal with clients who are experiencing some form of intrusive behaviour, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships, phobias, or feelings of frustration. After counsellors learn the root source of the problem, they will provide guidance, support, and help patients develop healthy coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms commonly aim to improve their communication skills with others, understand what and why they are feeling a certain way, and manage different stressors that may arise in their life. 


If you’re feeling stuck, lost or stressed about not knowing which direction to go or where to focus your energy, then a life coach might be best suited for you. Life coaches help their clients get unstuck when they’re feeling unmotivated and trapped in a cycle. They help build up their confidence and motivate them to push past their barriers so they can begin to move forward. Coaches are very action-oriented and want to help their clients become better versions of themselves. They will work to help identify the issues that are preventing change, development and motivation. Then they will work with clients to develop specific goals and the right strategies to keep them on track in order to achieve those goals. In many cases, they will provide the type of ‘hand-holding’ guidance that many people need to avoid procrastination or excuses. 

If you or a family member needs a safe and supportive environment where you can talk, express your feelings, and find solutions to get back on your feet, reach out to us at Ottawa Counselling. We have helped many clients sort through and understand their feelings while providing effective solutions, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more or to book an appointment.