Why Am I Tired?

Why Am I TIred

When we feel overtired we often relate it to our busy lifestyle and all the activities we are trying to juggle outside of work. But sometimes we may be feeling more tired than normal to the point we start asking ourselves “Why am I tired?” If this is the case for you, consider the following points, and if you think you need help, seeking a professional counsellor for advice and treatment options could be the best solution for you.


Lack of Sleep

Most causes of extreme tiredness are related to a simple lack of sleep, where you’re not getting enough rest to properly rejuvenate your body. And there are lots of things that could be keeping you up at night and exhausting you throughout the day. Perhaps things are running through your mind keeping you up at night, or noises outside could be disruptive to your sleep. It could even be a sign of sleep apnea, a disorder where you have short interruptions to your breathing, waking you up constantly throughout the night. Whatever the reason, it’s important you find a way to pinpoint the reason, decrease the distractions and get the full 8 hours of sleep your body needs to function properly.


Poor Diet

The food you eat helps to fuel your body, and the saying “you are what you eat” really holds true. If have a poor diet it will also impact how you feel throughout the day. Also, eating disorders can spiral your health out of control, affecting not only your weight but your sleep patterns as well.



Stress and anxiety can cause hyperarousal which leads to insomnia. The tension and worrying you may be experiencing will make it increasingly challenging to fall asleep and to also stay asleep. To get back to your natural rhythm you will need to practice relaxation techniques. A therapist can help you with cognitive behaviour therapy to help you change your sleeping habits and treat anxiety.



Depression is a major illness that can affect the way you sleep as well as how you feel about yourself. It’s often hard to diagnose as we don’t all experience it in the same way. However, if you have been feeling the lack of energy to go about your daily routines, talk to Ottawa Counselling Services.

A counsellor can empower you to make changes and feel revitalized and fulfilled. A therapist can help you with various forms of therapy to help you change your sleeping habits and treat anxiety.


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