3 Tips to Getting Through Your Relationship Rough Patch

3 tips to getting through a relationship rough patch

A long term relationship is more than just a leap of faith. It is a commitment to the person you love. However, with so many outside factors it is not uncommon to run into a rough patch in your relationship. Many couples misinterpret a rough patch as an inevitable end when in fact it is a natural progression that will take place in most long term relationships. Couples’ counselling in Ottawa allows couples facing difficulties to take a step back and see the big picture in order to identify the issues and work together to make improvements.

Open Communication

Unfortunately it is very easy to close yourself off from one another when you feel you are not being heard or that your needs are not being met. Ironically most relationships hit these rough patches because couples feel they are not being heard, but in fact have decided to stop communicating. It is a vicious circle in which silence leads to more silence and of course without being open and honest with each other there is little hope of addressing issues. Couples counselling in Ottawa allows you to begin to open up and speak about your feelings again. It will let you see the other person’s point of view and start to remember how much you mean to each other. In the process you will both learn to communicate more effectively to avoid difficulties in the future.

Seek Help

It is difficult to find a third party who is completely neutral in these situations. Your friends will be sympathetic with your point of view which is easy when they haven’t heard the other side of the story. Couples’ counselling in Ottawa provides a neutral mediator who will listen without judgment and help you hear each other. This will:

• Encourage deeper conversations

• Get to the root of the matter

• Allow you to really hear each other

• Find ways to forgive each other

• Help you reconnect

Work for it

Strong, long lasting relationships take work. Couples counseling will help you find out what each of you needs and learn how to express your needs effectively. Effective communication and respect will keep your relationship strong and healthy. Counseling can provide you with proven techniques that will allow you to have productive, honest and open conversations to help you stay connected. You can then continue to work together to keep your relationship strong.

By following these three tips you and your partner will have the tools needed to overcome a relationship rough patch.