Conscious Anger Defined

concious anger defined

Conscious Burn

A “conscious burn” is a process which can access dysfunctional, self-abusive memories which are stored very deeply at the cellular level in the body-mind. Done effectively, the “ancient anger” memories (stored in the brain stem), “old anger” memories (stored in early childhood, etc.) and “new anger” (from currently active or present moment experiences) can be integrated, understood and “re-covered”.

Rage & Fury

Rage is often accumulated, pent up, denied, suppressed and concentrated anger that is at a much more intense level than anger. Fury is even more concentrated anger than is rage. The next level after fury is usually physical and/or psychological break-down. The good news is that conscious rage and conscious fury arew also very possible. The bad news is that they are very, very difficult to access because of the pain and fear that they trigger in oneself and in one’s friends and fellow “depth travellers”.

It is essential to form a “safe container” to access these memories. Commitments re: non-violence, touching, pointing, swearing, “having enough space”, etc. are imperative!

Depth Groups

A depth group (or a depth couple, or indeed a rare, depth-oriented individual on her/his own) can form a process and/or method for the purpose of doing conscious burn work. In groups it also is possible to have a “depth over-ride” to be called when one member wants to or needs to do a conscious burn for just a portion of the meeting. It is a good idea to have one female and one male “monitor” to ensure that the group’s commitments are adhered to.

A conscious burn is not therapy. It is not a game. It is not drama. It is not provoked on purpose. It is not triggered on purpose. It is real anger allowed to burn in full view – not denied, no resisted, not fought – just noticed and learned from. The quintessential point is “to be the anger”, not to project it “at” someone or something. The point is to own the pain of the anger; to own the “inner” conflict that generates the pain; to fuse the con-fused into deep healing.

The uniquely human biological choice (called volitional choice by the author Nathaniel Branden) to do this may well be the anti-dote to low self-esteem. There is a place where choice, anger and for-giveness intersect. Wisdom and awareness being shone on this intersection can cause very deep healing.

Anger can be looked at as the display of and the evidence of the conflict caused by not choosing to for-give. Anger is generally “within” oneself. For-giveness is generally “within” oneself. Love is letting go of fear and anger. Conscious awareness is the solvent. Could it be that conscious awareness and continuous alertness are the elixirs of life?