4 Signs Your Relationship is Thriving

4 Signs Your Relationship is Thriving

It seems like relationships these days are more complicated than ever to understand: they want you, they don’t, they text too much and then not at all, you think it’s going great until it’s suddenly not – it’s like trying to decipher a code in three separate languages. So when you do end up in a relationship that seems to be heading on the right track, it can be confusing whether to really know if it’s truly stable or ready to implode at any moment. If you’re feeling unsure, these four signs should make you feel confident that your relationship is heading in a healthy direction.

You Support and Encourage Each Other

One of the first signs of a healthy, thriving relationship is whether you and your partner support and encourage each other to be the best that you can be. No one should ever make you feel worse about yourself or prevent you from pursuing your goals and dreams. So if your relationship embraces and encourages each other to go for gold – you’re on the right track.

You Can Be Yourself

Do you feel comfortable with your partner? Do you feel like when you wake up in the morning without makeup on and just want to lounge in your PJs your partner will still look at you with those loving eyes? If you feel like you can be who you are and flaunt your personality, this is a healthy sign.

You Can Communicate

Arguments are a natural part of any relationship. But how those arguments are dealt with will tell you whether it’s a part of a healthy relationship. That means when you and your partner dispute over something, you still respect one another. You can talk it out and settle things without holding onto any grudges.

You Trust One Another

Without trust, no relationship can survive. Aside from proper communication, it’s the essential ingredient. When it’s not present, insecurities can thrive, causing accusations, erratic behaviour, and avoidance. When trust is present, you and your partner can be together and still live independent lives without the chaos of insecurity budding in. So if you feel like you can trust each other, you can bet you’ve found someone who was worth the wait.

Relationships are without a doubt, complicated and confusing. And since we can’t read each other’s mind, we have to pick up and decipher the signs that life shows us. So if you can identify with these four signs, you should feel confident that you’re heading in the right direction.

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