5 Signs It’s Time To Seek Professional Help

5 Signs It’s Time To Seek Professional Help

Despite what many may believe, seeking out professional help does not correlate with ‘losing your mind’ or experiencing a major meltdown. These misconceptions are actually what have prevented many people from seeking out help in the first place. Therapy can be beneficial for most people, at least at some point during the course of their lives. But it’s not always easy to determine when it’s time to reach out for support and guidance. With the fast pace and hustle mentality that’s common throughout society today, many of us have learned to roll with the punches, pick ourselves up and trudge on until we reach a point where we begin to unravel. To avoid this cycle and find the solace and assistance you need, here are some signs that it’s time to seek professional help.

Uncontrollable Emotions

When you’re experiencing bouts of uncontrollable emotions, such as fear, anxiety, anger or sadness, this could be a sign that you may need help from a professional. If you’re struggling to sleep or if you find that all you want to do is sleep, or if you’re struggling to eat, socialize and engage with others, this could highlight a potential mental health issue. When you isolate yourself because you’re just not feeling like yourself, don’t wait for those emotions to escalate into something more severe, like questioning the value of your own life. Seek out help immediately.


When we feel overwhelmed or like we’re struggling to deal with life, we often turn to external sources and substances to help us cope and forget. But turning to drugs, alcohol or even food or sex, can quickly spiral into compulsive and addictive behaviour. If this sounds familiar, treatment from a professional can help you learn how to alleviate those destructive patterns and turn to healthier coping mechanisms instead.

You’ve Experienced Trauma

Childhood abuse, neglect, illness or some form of a traumatic event can send the body into a chronic state of shock. This too can lead to abuse or addiction of substances to help numb or deal with the associated pain. In any case involving trauma, the sooner you can talk to a professional, the sooner you can understand what you’re feeling and learn how to deal with it in a productive manner so you can heal and move forward.

You’ve Lost A Loved One

Grief is something we will all experience at some point or another. And the process of it will differ for everyone. Though counselling is not always necessary, for some, grief can feel like a debilitating and extremely difficult process to get through. And that’s where a professional can help. Whether it’s the loss of a family member, a divorce or even a nasty breakup, there’s no shame in talking to a therapist to finding the expert support that you need to focus on healthy grieving while learning how to move past it.

You’ve Withdrawn From Life

Do you find that you’re avoiding friends, family or even social events that you used to love? Sometimes, life can get overwhelming to a point where we just want to keep ourselves locked away to avoid the stress and anxiety that it can create. Other times, there may be triggers that stir up intense emotions that can prevent you from wanting to even step outside. If you feel like you’ve changed and have withdrawn from aspects of life that you once enjoyed, this could be an indication that’s something deeper is going on and it’s time to seek out help.

Even if you think you’re okay, it’s not always the case when you really stop to consider your patterns of behaviour. If you feel as though you can relate to any of these signs, you can get the help, support, and guidance you need to learn how to deal, cope and get back to enjoying life. If you’re ready to seek professional help, reach out to us at Ottawa Counselling. We offer a safe, comfortable and private environment with counsellors who are ready to listen. Get in touch today.