5 Signs You Need A Big Change In Life

5 Signs You Need A Big Change In Life

Life can present us with challenges we are not prepared for. Sometimes we change along with the problem and find a solution. Other times we stay the course, navigating through life and using our hard-earned understanding to continue to grow and expand as individuals. It is not uncommon to find yourself lost as to what to next in life. Finding yourself at a crossroads is frequent, and sometimes your life will require a big change. Whether this change is for your happiness, health, productivity, or general well-being, sometimes the most challenging thing in life is changing the status quo. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to briefly review five signs from Ottawa Counselling Services that might indicate you need a big change in life.

You Are Growing Increasingly Anxious

Anxiety and mood disorders are on the rise in Canada. Part of the reason why is a growing dissatisfaction with life coupled with an inability or unwillingness to change and try something new. If your anxiety levels are gradually on the rise, then you may want to consider a big change in life. Try to identify the source of the anxiety and review ways that you can help mitigate it. For the short-term, things like meditation, better sleep, therapy, and exercise can help.

You Often Feel Bored By Your Current Domesticity

Domesticity is a simple word for your home or family life. If you become too established for your own comfort, then you will feel increasingly uneasy and antsy. If this is happening to you, then it may be time for a big change in life.

You Find Yourself Relying On One Or More People Almost Exclusively

Sometimes our lives can focus our attention to just a few people, like a spouse or single best friend. When this happens, you may need a big change to reach beyond these networks and establish relationships with new people. This is especially true if these relationships are unhealthy, co-dependent, or toxic.

You Are Struggling With Your Routine

If your routine is becoming more challenging to get through, then it may be time for a big change in your life. Oftentimes this is paired with stress and depression.

You And The People Around You Are Not Better Off

Consider where you are now and your goals. Are the people around you better off? Are you better off keeping the course? If not, then you may want to consider a big change in your life.

Consider Seeing A Therapist

If nothing else, consider seeing a therapist with Ottawa Counselling Services. Trained to help people at a crossroads as well as all other parts of life, therapy exists as a professional service to aid, not fix. Far from a signifying a personal failure, going to see a therapist re-affirms your commitment and dedication to living the fullest life you can live.