How To Feel Better In Your Own Skin

How To Feel Better In Your Own Skin

Modern marketing culture is designed to make you feel less than whole without some amazing product that will “fix” you. This breeds a generally materialistic approach towards life that is neither fulfilling nor capable of being perpetuated for long. Across Canada, individuals are struggling at all ages with self-esteem and self-confidence. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is often a challenge. Let’s take a moment to review how you can feel better in your own skin.

Recognize Impossible Expectations

A lot of our own discomfort comes from comparisons we make with the world around us. In advertising, we see beautiful people airbrushed to perfection. We see unrealistic expectations of beauty. In those representations is the message that beauty and worth are linked. Every person, regardless of how they look will carry insecurity. While working on you can provide a greater sense of security, it will never cure or solve the underlying problem. Understand that feeling better in your own skin requires more than just surface level changes. What we need to address (and what you want to address) cannot simply be airbrushed to perfection.

The “Shoulds” And The “Oughts”

We use words like “should” and “ought” to judge ourselves and hold ourselves to often impossible standards. “I ‘should’ be doing X” carries with it the judgment that we are not and failing as a result. Be aware of when you use language like this. Consider what you need and what you want to do. Leave the “should” and “ought” at the door. Practice mindfulness exercises and observe your wants, thoughts, and needs without judgement.

You Have Inherent Worth

No matter how you look or how much you may dislike aspects of yourself, you have an inherent worth that exists and needs to be recognized regardless. Feeling better in your own skin means acknowledging where you come up short in your own mind, and deciding to either change them or live with them. Again, know that you are not alone in this struggle. Everyone has a hard time with his or her appearance, even people you may look up to. The root of insecurity is inside you, and solving that by accepting yourself for who you are and making changes for tangible things you don’t like will give you the confidence to feel better in your own skin. Remember, you are always worth it.

You may find it helpful to speak with a therapist from Ottawa Counselling Services. They will help you find constructive ways to recognize your own self-worth and work toward feeling at home in your own skin.