5 Ways to Help Manage Stress

5 ways to help manage stress

Everyone deals with stress in their own ways but there are many different healthy ways to help manage it. Here are five ways to help manage stress in order to live a happier and healthier life:

Control vs No Control

Feeling you do not have control over a situation is very stressful. Being able to identify what situations you can control and those you can’t can go a long way in helping you reduce stress. When you can, assess a situation and decide if it is something you can fix, by doing this you will develop coping and problem solving skills. You can also learn to identify what is causing your stress and make a short list of things you can tackle one step at a time, one challenge at a time. In turn this will lessen your worries, another common cause of stress.

Balance and Time Management

When you are able to make better use of your time it will allow you to be more efficient in life. Whether it is how you perform tasks at work or how you get the kids fed and to soccer practice, every aspect of your day should be well managed. By getting organized and by making lists your tasks will seem less daunting and you’ll be better focused. Most importantly you should also find time to do things you enjoy to give yourself a much deserved break even if it is just to sit and read.

Develop Coping Skills

If you are having trouble coping with stress perhaps therapy is the solution. Finding a therapist in Ottawa is the first step, meeting them is the second. Through appointments therapists can teach you how to handle stress in different scenarios and prepare you to deal with issues as they arise.

Edit your Life

By editing your life you can help lower your stress levels drastically. You should stop doing things you hate or don’t have any interest in. Many people are their own worst enemy and forget to put themselves first, by doing this stress levels can rise. To help limit the pressures of others and commitments you do not want to take start saying no to things you truly do not want to take part in – this could be as simple as saying no to taking on extra work.

Sleep and Health

Make sure you are exercising, sleeping and finding time to relax. Stress tends to compound without exercise and sleep, and it will only get worse until taken care of. Consider taking health time for yourself which can include going to bed an hour earlier than usual, cutting out caffeine, and do something that will help you relax such as taking a bubble bath.
By following these five techniques your stress levels are sure to decrease.