Breaking Down the Barriers

breaking down barriers

American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, “Speak clearly if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.” Communication is a delicate balance that most of us have yet to master. In relationships both new and mature, some people might build walls as a self-help mechanism. Although people might feel these walls will protect them during worst case scenarios, the walls remain even when things are going well. Unfortunately these barriers will keep them from fully opening up to their partner.

By seeking the help of couples counselling, Ottawa couples will improve communication allowing them to break down those relationship barriers. Here is how couples counselling can help you remove barriers in your relationship:

Different Perspective

During couples counselling you and your partner will be able to view different perspectives of the relationship. Without barriers you will each have a clear view of what the other person feels are difficulties in the relationship as well as where they see strengths. Being able to look at the relationship from a different perspective and through your partners’ eyes can develop more empathy to help you better understand each other.

Open Communication

As much as you would like to think you and your partner have great communication skills, there is always room for improvement. By attending couples counselling you will have the opportunity to express feelings, and share comments you may not have felt comfortable doing so before. It is very common for couples to avoid certain subjects or being honest in certain areas for fear they will hurt the other person. This might be well meaning but can actually prove detrimental especially if one person feels they are sacrificing more than the other.

Fix Repetitive Mistakes

Your couples therapist will give you the opportunity to discuss repetitive behaviour that is having a negative impact on the relationship. Many behaviours can cause rifts in relationships such as giving the “silent treatment”, ignoring situations, or being passive aggressive. During couples counselling Ottawa couples will have the opportunity to discuss less desirable behaviour that builds barriers so that you can work through repetitive mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

As the barriers are knocked down through couples counselling, Ottawa couples discover an improved relationship. Honesty, trust and empathy will teach you to be open bringing you closer and strengthening your bond.