Finding Fulfillment In Singlehood

Finding Fulfillment In Singlehood

Did you know that single people slightly outnumber married people in Canada? According to the latest population estimates from Statistics Canada, there are 14,245,619 single people, compared to 13,824,325 married people. You will find more and more people deciding to be single in every new generation. Simply put, many are finding something fulfilling in singlehood.

An Uncomfortable New Normal

While a slight majority of Canadian adults are now single, that doesn’t mean that we as a society or as individuals find the idea of being single to be a desired status. There is a pull in our culture to pair up with the belief that the only way you as a person can be happy is by finding a significant other. For many, being single is considered a kind of failure that causes them to suffer. Below we review ways that people have found fulfillment and happiness in singlehood.

Being Single Does Not Mean You Are Alone

Relationships are critical. An intimate partner is just one form of relationship. We can also have meaningful and constructive relationships with family, friends, mentors, neighbours, and coworkers. You are never alone. Rather, you have a unique opportunity to get to know people better, forming and strengthening the relationships you have in the process.

A Life Back In Balance Through Singlehood

Many will leave a relationship lacking a sense of balance. They will be unsure of what their next step will be. It is not uncommon to believe that the only way we can solve ourselves is with the company of a partner. However, many intimate partner relationships are co-dependent and ultimately unhealthy for both parties. There is a great deal of personal growth that can come from being alone. Forcing you to reorient and take responsibility for how you feel and what you want to do, being single means being aware of what you need. Sometimes just having the time and opportunity to focus on self-fulfillment can be incredibly beneficial.

Leaving the Past In the Past

It is easy to ruminate and look with rose-tinted glasses on past relationships, pining for their return. The truth is that what is in the past stays in the past. As we grow and age, we have new experiences that present themselves. Focusing solely on the past means denying the experiences you could be having in the present. You owe it to yourself to focus on the here and now and to live fully. Doing so will lead to a more fulfilling life and a much better understanding of what you need.

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