How Counselling Can Improve Your Relationship

relationship counselling

It is not uncommon for couples to come to a point in their relationship where the strength of their connection seems to be fading. The relationship counselling Ottawa couples seek is not just for couples in crisis. Relationship counselling can also assist in restoring the closeness that may be lacking in your relationship, to help you through a tough time or to build the coping skills you will need to maintain a new relationship. Counselling provides you with the communication skills you need to stay connected and to stay committed to honesty, courage, presence and responsibility.

Common Misconceptions About Counselling

One of the most common misconceptions about relationship counselling Ottawa couples seek is that the relationship has to be in crisis. Relationship counselling can help teach you how to have a stronger relationship and how to communicate effectively. In fact most sex therapists will tell you that the majority of those seeking sex therapy do not have problems of a sexual nature but instead they are suffering from honesty and communication challenges. Counselling can improve communication so you can avoid relationship issues.

Build Stronger Long Lasting Relationships

The best time to ensure long lasting relationships is when you are in the early stages of committing to each other. Relationship counselling will provide you with the skills you need to continue communication in order to strengthen your connection as time passes. You will learn the importance of change in relationships and recognizing conflict is a growth opportunity in which you can choose to listen and grow or shut the other person out and grow further apart.

Understanding and Improving

Couple Counselling will also give you the opportunity to understand each other better including:

    • Things you have been afraid to discuss
    • Points you can’t seem to get across to each other
    • Differences you haven’t been able to resolve
    • Presenting changing wants and needs
    • Identifying what is still working and what is not in your relationship
    • Learning how to resolve problems together

Many people think that they need to wait for an issue to arise before seeking relationship counselling. The relationship counselling Ottawa couples turn to will help you discover the love and caring that still exists between you. You can learn to appreciate each other’s needs again or strengthen a new relationship. Counselling provides the gift of communication, honesty and trust to build the foundation needed for long lasting relationships.