5 Reasons Why Family Counselling is a Good Idea

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Family dynamics can be a rough terrain to navigate. As children become older personalities become stronger, parents relationships can be under strain and lead to divorce and some individuals behaviours may change making it difficult for the rest of the family to cope. There are many reasons family relationships can be under stress.

Here are five reasons your family can benefit from the family counselling Ottawa families use to stay connected:

  1. Divorce or Separation: Perhaps one of the most stressful challenges a family faces is the sadness and disorientation of separation or divorce. It is impossible for kids to understand why parents cannot stay together and it can also be very hard for parents to remain neutral and maintain a loving attitude towards their ex. The family counselling Ottawa families undergo during times of separation or divorce teaches families how to cope with the pain, anger and frustration they are feeling. Parents are taught to keep the children’s “universe” intact as well as how to maintain healthy communication so kids feel safe and free to express their feelings.
  2. Family Conflicts: Conflicts can arise from sibling rivalry, the introduction of a step parent, generational issues between parents and teens and teens acting out. The family counselling Ottawa families benefit from helps families learn conflict resolution skills to cope with the stress of day to day issues.
  3. Loss: Loss can be the loss of a loved one or even a family pet. It can be the loss of a friend who has moved away, family relocation and just about anything that is gone and cannot be replaced. This can affect people in different ways and in some cases it is so difficult family counselling can assist you or a loved one find the coping skills to move on.
  4. Illness: When a family is struggling with the illness of a loved one it can often help to spend time discussing fears in a safe environment. The family counselling Ottawa families turn to can help people deal with their fears and face them together.
  5. Trauma: There are many traumatic experiences families may encounter from acts of crime to car accidents, fire or violence. Trauma can have lasting effects and being able to attend the family counselling can help families talk through the experience.

These are just five reasons families may need counselling. However, any conflict can be improved with counselling.