How Individual Counselling Can Help Make You a Better Person

how individual counselling can help make you a better person

The individual counselling that Ottawa Counselling clients seek is designed to assist you in becoming the best person possible. You will discover all of your good points and learn how to address issues you may have that are keeping you back in life. From forging stronger relationships to being more in tune with your own past, individual counselling will allow you to get the most out of life both personally and professionally.



This is a term many people might feel a little uncomfortable with as it may seem a little too “new age”. However, being self-aware allows you to be in touch with your emotions and handle yourself in a more effective manner. It is not just about being in tune with your spiritual side, but about understanding why you do the things you do and why you tend to react to events and others in the same manner time after time.

The way you react to others is much in part to past events that have taught you behaviours through your parents as well as other influential people in your childhood. Some of these behaviours may not be as controlled as you would like and being more self-aware will keep your emotions in check and assist you in raising your emotional intelligence. Examples of dysfunctional reactions or interactions include:

• Guilt

• Fear

• Numbness

• Anger

• Frustration

• Anxiety and depression

• Over sensitivity

• Violence

• Helplessness

• Self-pity (why me?)

Issues Individual Counselling Can Improve

The individual counselling that Ottawa Counselling clients seek allows you to learn to handle a number of obvious issues as well as just take the time to reflect on who you are and learn to be the best person possible. Common issues you can learn to improve upon or handle include:

• Stress management

• Depression

• Anxiety attacks

• Failed relationships or continuous relationship problems (friends, family, partners, coworkers)

• Self-esteem issues

• Identity concerns

• Feelings of loneliness

• Grief

• Difficulty with changes in life (moves, new jobs, new school, loss)

This is just a sample of the issues individual counselling can address.

Some people just need a chance to discuss their troubles or get an unbiased view on their life choices, relationships or career choices. When you are able to open up you can feel more comfortable and able to make positive changes in your life that will allow you to have clarity of mind as well as a sense of well-being.