5 Hypnotherapy Myths Debunked

five hypnotherapy myths debunked

Many Ottawa residents seek hypnotherapy help to improve behaviour, rid bad habits, unhealthy eating patterns and help identify emotional stress triggers that can keep them from living their life to the fullest. In order for hypnosis to work, you have to open up to changing and stopping these bad habits. To help make you feel more comfortable with the idea of hypnotherapy here are five common hypnotherapy myths debunked:


Mind Control

Many people are worried that if they trust a hypnotherapist they will be able to have control over your mind. Hypnotherapy is about suggestion and works to allow your own mind to choose to do something it already wants to do. This might sound a little odd, but if you want to quit smoking, control your anger or stop unhealthy eating patterns you have to be open to changing and stopping these bad habits. Your unconscious mind will not allow you to do anything you feel is wrong or that you would not otherwise choose to do.

Chicken Dance

Because of the reputation hypnotists have made for themselves working the entertainment circuit legitimate hypnotherapists are also faced with the silly notion that clients will be made to do the chicken dance every time they hear the word “Hello”. This is of course not the case at all. Hypnotherapy is for self-improvement purposes only.

Hypnosis is a Spell

Hypnosis is steeped in science not black magic. Hypnotherapy uses the power of suggestion to persuade your mind to be open to behaving better and avoiding bad decisions such as smoking, over eating and anger.

Hypnosis is Dangerous

The hypnotherapy that Ottawa Hypnosis clinics use is a very safe and easy process that will not cause any harm physically or mentally. It will also not cause any issues such as memory loss or bring back terrible memories you will not be able to handle. It can actually help you discover what is at the root of past issues and learn to live with them and move on.

Hypnosis Works Instantly

Unfortunately this is not true. The hypnotherapy that Ottawa Hypnosis clinics offer does take some time. Some people are more suggestive than others but it usually takes a few treatments for the suggestions to start taking root. The good news is that following each session you will see improvements and gradually begin to resist the behaviours you are trying to quell or understand the emotions you have attempted to bury.

As you can see the hypnotherapy that Ottawa Hypnosis clinics offer is legitimate, safe and based on proven psychological techniques.