How Therapy Works: A Guide


Throughout your life you may encounter any number of events that can affect you in a very profound way. Some of these events are positive influences and others can remain with you causing underlying issues.

These issues can lead to depression, anxiety and conditions such as post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS) or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Therapy with Ottawa Counselling Services can help you deal with these underlying issues and improve your quality of life as well as your ability to cope.

The Power of Empathy

During therapy the strong relationship that can be formed between patient and therapist can provide you with the strength to pursue your treatment in earnest. When you undergo therapy, the non-judgmental empathy provided by your therapist encourages you to dig deep and discover what is causing the issues and conditions. Empathy is one of the most important aspects of therapy as it helps in the following ways:

– Allows for a deeper relationship and more effective diagnosis

– Often allows for the sharing of feelings and experiences between the patient and therapist which encourages deeper searching and more honesty from the patient

– Encourages a consensus between patient and therapist to set goals and pursue treatment

The Healing Power of Talking

Anyone who has sat down with a friend and poured their hearts out after a particularly bad day knows the healing power of talking. Therapy with Ottawa Counselling Services works by encouraging conversations about specific feelings and life events. As these feelings and events are discussed the therapist is able to direct the conversation in a manner that allows you to explore your feelings and slowly discover what is at the root of your emotional challenges. Session after session the ability to look deep inside yourself reveals new aspects of past events and allows further discussion. Each conversation provides more freedom through a better understanding of yourself and even more importantly accepting your feelings.

Acceptance and Improvement

As you continue therapy with Ottawa Counselling Services you will learn to accept events in your life and how to live with them. Acceptance allows you to move on, understanding you were unable to control or change events at the time. Therapy can provide you with the tools you need to heal by finding solutions. You can learn to overcome conditions resulting from your problems such as OCD or PTSS and improve relationships and your quality of life.