Sex Therapy Benefits To Improve Your Relationship

Sex Therapy

The sex therapy Ottawa couples seek does more than improve your love life. Sex therapy assists couples beyond the mental and physical aspects of sex and focuses on strengthening your relationship.

The Benefits of Sex

First it is important to understand the important role sex plays in your life, with or without a relationship. Sex has many health benefits including improving your immune system, increasing longevity and helping your body manage pain. It also helps with your mental health improving happiness, self-esteem and relieving stress and depression.

The Benefits of Sex in a Relationship

In a relationship sex plays a key role in creating intimacy as well as bonding couples together for a sense of attachment to each other. Couples who share sexual contact throughout their lives can increase their quality of life and longevity. Together you stay more youthful as well as more physically fit. Sex in a relationship celebrates your connection while promoting mental and physical health.

The Benefits of Sex Therapy

Sexual dysfunction can occur at any time during a relationship and can result in many confused and mixed emotions. Because sex is tied to self-esteem, in a relationship when sex lessens or changes noticeably in frequency or levels of pleasure partners can feel everything from frustration to resentment. Feelings of hurt, fears of deceit and unfaithfulness and even anger can stem from an unsatisfactory sex life especially when you had once shared a very intimate and pleasing sexual relationship. It is very difficult to discuss sex and many people may be afraid to realize their deepest fears that they are no longer desirable or that there is a serious problem in the relationship. When this happens and communication begins to worsen, the sex therapy Ottawa couples seek can provide the following benefits:

  • – An assessment can be made to either find the right path to resolve issues or address the possibility medical assistance is required.
  • – Therapeutic conversations help alleviate doubt, reconnect you as a couple and clear the air for new and honest discussions.
  • – Sex therapy can help couples explore their sexuality, opening new ways to deepen your sense of joy and pleasure to strengthen your relationship.

Sexuality plays a key role in being human, helping us to function in many ways. The sex therapy Ottawa couples experience will allow you to rediscover pleasure and intimacy as well as improve trust and help you better understand each other.