How to Better Cope with Job Stress

How to Better Cope With Job Stress

Around 25% of Canadian workers find their day-to-day lives too stressful. These people are at a higher risk for chronic stress that can lead to burnout and short-term disability. Some leading causes of job stress include having to do more with less people and not having enough resources available to you. This can all lead to serious effects on your mental and physical well-being. If your job is stressing you out, these steps can help you regain the balance in your life:

Perform Relaxation Exercises

Learning how to practice relaxation can help reduce the effects of stress, tension and anxiety on your health. Deep breathing techniques and meditation are relaxation techniques that can be practiced over time to achieve great results. They are useful when reacting to the immediate onset of stress or just for recharging after a tough day.

Identify Your Stress Triggers

Everyone has different stress triggers. Identifying what appears to cause your stress is a key step in preventing a stress from getting to you. Use your phone to log your stress and the associated situations that produces greater stress. Note any specific triggers and your responses in reaction to them. It’s important to be aware of how you react to these situations so you can change your habits. Think of what you should do to handle the situation better. If some triggers cannot be easily changed, perform one of the relaxation exercises mentioned earlier. They can help reduce the effects of your immediate response to stress.

Don’t bring your work home

Learn to separate yourself from your job, if at all possible. If you receive an alert on your phone every time you get a work email, it can seem like your workday never ends. Trying to burn the candle at both ends will always catch up with you. Take the time to recharge at home. It can both reduce your stress and increase productivity while at work.

Seek counselling

It’s far too common to internalize any pain or suffering you have because of stress. Attempting to handle these challenges on your own is a sure-fire way to make them worse. You need to seek support from friends and loved ones. It’s always a good idea to talk to a qualified professional as well. Seek out Ottawa Counselling Services for support. Our counsellors are trained to help you get through your job stress and improve your day to day life.