How to Set Boundaries as An Empath

How to Set Boundaries as An Empath

What exactly is an empath? Individuals who are empaths are very sensitive and have the ability to be extremely in tune with their emotions — not only their own but also of those around them. They are good listeners, have the power to be selfless, and are extremely caring. However, some empaths tend to take on everyone else’s emotions without having the chance to internalize their own. This is why setting boundaries is crucial to distinguish yourself from others. Here are the best ways to set boundaries as an empath. 

What Are Boundaries? 

First off, let’s determine what boundaries are and how you can set them. Boundaries are an essential life skill that can be established by setting physical, mental, and emotional limitations to protect ourselves from being taken advantage of in an uncontrollable situation. By telling someone about what you feel comfortable with will allow you to be your truest self and that you are not responsible for the way they feel. Essentially, everyone is in charge of their own emotions and can set boundaries that respect their values. 

This Is Not My Problem!

As tough as this can be, you need to be aware that you can’t take on everyone’s problems. You need to be able to focus on your own problems and know that you can’t fix every little thing around you. Think back to a time where you had to overcome something, during that period it was challenging but once it got resolved, think of all the wonderful lessons you were able to share and how much you grew from this experience. Others will find their own solutions to their problems and consider the fact that you might be depriving them of a lesson that can be learned.

Stand Up for Yourself

When you are being sucked into a problem that is not your own, allow yourself to acknowledge that you are not able to dedicate a significant amount of energy to it and that you have your own prioritizes to deal with. This is when setting and respecting your boundaries becomes crucial. 

Everyone needs to take time to prioritize themselves and to re-energize. At Ottawa Counselling, we provide a safe and comfortable place to discuss how to effectively set boundaries, give us a call today!