How to Prioritize Self-Care

How to Prioritize Self-Care

For many people, taking care of others is a talent that just seems to come naturally. But when it comes to taking care of yourself, is it a priority? When life throws you curve balls that blindside you or knock you from your feet, it’s hard to know exactly how to pick up the pieces and learn to get back on your feet.

Feeling lost or broken is something many of us go through. It’s a part of life that reminds us that we’re simply human. But there are ways that you can find the motivation and strength to overcome those barriers even when you feel as though you have no strength or will to carry on.

When you find yourself lost or defeated, the only way to make it through is by prioritizing self-care. Here’s how:

Accept that it’s normal not to be OK

First and foremost, you have to allow yourself and give yourself permission to go through the stages of grief. Being human means there will be times when you’re simply not okay. So the sooner you dispel the guilt and allow yourself to feel comfortable with that, the sooner you can begin the process of moving forward and healing. It doesn’t matter if you dealing with a bad stretch at work, recovering from a breakup, or coping with the death of a loved one. Do not judge yourself for your feelings or reactions. Everything you feel is your natural reaction to a traumatic, stressful experience.

Think Intently

As hard as it may be, thinking intently and choosing what to focus your mind on can be one of the most powerful ways for getting through your situation. By focusing on something you are grateful for and giving yourself an intention for the day, you can set your mind off on a good start. Whether it’s making room for an hour of exercise, or making uplifting thoughts a priority for the day, choose at least one intention to focus on each day.


Getting active, whether it’s a vigorous or gentle workout, can really help calm your body and mind by giving them a reprieve from any defeating thoughts. Plus, exercise is a great way to let out any pent up energy, while allowing your body to enjoy those happy-inducing endorphins.

Succumbing to self-defeat and ignoring self-care are easy to do, especially in the face of a crisis or emotional setback. But in order to plow through those moments, it’s important to really recognize your reactions and work towards changing that pattern. If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed in life, step back and make yourself your priority by using these steps to guide you through.

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