Do You Take Your Work Stress Home?

do you take your work stress home?

Stress is on the rise at work. And if you have an intense job you may be one of the statistics. Stress isn’t always easy to identify, and many people are in denial. But stress can be a killer to your health and is something that should be addressed immediately. If you’re not sure if you take your stress home, read on below as we outline some of the more obvious signs.

You Dread Mondays

If you go into major anxiety on Sunday night at the thought of going to work on Monday, it’s a tell-tale sign that you’re stressed at work. Sure, after a weekend of fun and relaxation it’s no thrill going back to work even if you love your job. But if you are getting gut-wrenching feelings and feeling sick on Sundays, something is definitely wrong. When you’re stressed out, your brain sends signals to your stomach, causing you to get nausea and even digestive complications.

You’re Not You

Feeling more cranky than usual? Your mood is a clear indicator of your stress level. If you’re short tempered, grouchy, or irritable, it’s a good indication that your stress is above the normal level.

You Don’t Have a Social Life

If your social life has gone out the door lately, there is a pretty good chance it’s due to stress. Cancelling on plans, wanting to hide in your home, ignoring calls and texts – all signs that stress is taking over your life.

Everything is a Mess

When you are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety it’s hard to want to do anything, never mind clean your home. If you’re at work and are feeling the insane pressure, odds are your desk will look like a war zone. Same goes for home, as after a brutal day, all you want to do is curl up and sleep.

Health is on The Decline

When you’re stressed out you crave all the bad food to help you cope, or you stop eating. Forgetting about the gym and diving into buckets of ice cream may be the showing signs of a stressed-out life.

Constant Headaches

If you have an intense job and are having constant pounding headaches and migraines, stress is most likely the culprit. You should seek a doctor’s advice immediately.

Concentration is Gone

When you’re exhausted and overexerted, it’s hard to make decisions. Your brain slows down and your ability to concentrate and make decisions gets weaker.

Stress isn’t something you should ignore. It can lead to heart attack and stroke, among other major health conditions. If you are having any of the above symptoms talk to your doctor and book an appointment with Ottawa Counselling Services to get to the bottom of the issue, develop healthy coping techniques, or find inspiration to start a new career altogether.

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