Trending Wellness Practices for 2020

Trending Wellness Practices for 2020

The beginning of a new year can mean new opportunities for setting goals and resolutions. If you’ve missed the 2020 start, or you fell off track, it’s never too late to try again – maybe your goal was too unrealistic or simply didn’t align with your lifestyle. In past years, most goals would fall into categories including financial stability, career goals, fitness, or time management. This year, it’s different. Today, more and more individuals are focusing on their overall wellness, rather than setting goals like the ones mentioned above. What is wellness? It’s setting time aside to practice small habits to improve the overall health of the mind and body. This is a practice to feel generally better, happier and healthier. Here are the top wellness trends we will see in 2020.

Skip the Meat – Plant Forward Diets

You might have already noticed the spike in plant-based alternatives available in grocery stores and restaurants. This trend is definitely not stopping here. People love the idea of cutting back on meat to benefit the environment, especially with the rise in climate change awareness. With this, we have been seeing a massive movement towards plant-focused diets. However, this isn’t about going vegan or vegetarian to save the environment (although helping the environment is an added perk!). It’s about taking advantage of the nutritional value from plant-based alternatives, and an overall improvement in health without an unhealthy, restrictive diet.

Functional Training

Gone are the days of training and spending hours in the gym to look slimmer, fitter, and stronger with high-intensity workouts. Instead, the focus will be on functional training. We are seeing training that will assist in strengthening our bodies, including mobility workouts and workouts to enhance natural body movements. These workouts reap health benefits, like coordination, strength, flexibility, and mental health.


While meditation is certainly not a new trend, it has remained near the top of the chart for years. Proper training requires proper recovery, too. Breathing exercises and meditation have become extremely popular forms of health recovery, and stats show they were one of the most popular forms of integrative health for 2019! Practicing meditation regularly boosts emotional health, overall positivity, and helps to cope with stress. We will be seeing more dedicated spaces and classes for meditation moving forward.

It is proven that all wellness activities aid in improving your overall health, body, and mind. With wellness practices being around for hundreds of years, their importance is no surprise, and the benefits of prioritizing these habits are on the rise! Contact us today at Ottawa Counselling to learn more about the methods to improve your overall wellness.