What is Couples Coaching and How Can It Help You?

coaching couples for the win

The commitment you make to a person early in life will undergo many dips and dives. The path life takes can be challenging and finding someone to walk the path with you can make it easier. However, when life seems to be pulling you in different directions it puts much strain on your relationship. Relationship issues do not always stem from the relationship itself, which at its base may still remain strong. When there are outside forces involved it is often helpful to seek couples coaching. Ottawa couples might need to help reinforce your commitment to each other and in many cases strengthen it.

Couples Coaching

The couples coaching Ottawa partners pursue is designed to achieve a number of things:

  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental place to discuss feelings without fear or embarrassment
  • Develop a constructive path for conversation and discussion with a positive end
  • Encourage the sharing of feelings honestly in order to help develop empathetic responses instead of negative or hurt responses
  • Strengthen the existing bond between the couple
  • Reinforce the commitment aspect of the relationship
  • Provide the courage to be honest with each other and yourselves
  • Improve communication and teach communication techniques to develop continued sharing of feelings in a positive manner

When to Pursue Couples Coaching

There are many reasons the couples coaching Ottawa marriages turn to can be a good idea:

  • Someone in the marriage has had an affair
  • Communication has broken down and often results in argument or worse silence
  • When you seem to just be living together without intimacy (not just sexual intimacy but sharing intimate feelings and emotions)
  • A major pitfall occurs such as one wanting to move and another wanting to stay, parenting issues or financial woes
  • When you are staying together for the sake of the children
  • To refresh your relationship and improve communication
  • To strengthen a relationship to better overcome difficult times such as illness, the loss of a loved one or the loss of a job

There are many reasons to pursue couples coaching and it is not always because the relationship has broken down. In fact many couples should consider couples coaching prior to marriage or living together to learn about communication and commitment. Couples coaching also works well when you love each other but one of you are hesitant to commit. You can explore commitment and negotiate terms to remain together and continue to strengthen your love.