Incorporating Mindfulness Practice Into Your Morning Routine

Incorporating Mindfulness Practice Into Your Morning Routine

Do you know how to achieve a peaceful state of mind? Therapists and therapeutic methods can help you breathe a little easier and, in turn, live more fulfilling life. To that end, here are a few mindfulness practices you can incorporate into your morning routine to centre and calm you before you embark on the day’s activities.

Deep Breaths

When you wake up, take the time to take a deep breath…or two…or a few more than that. You’ve just started the day, and beginning it with serenity and calm is a good way to encourage mindfulness throughout the day. Breathe deeply and focus on the feeling of inhaling as the air courses to your lungs, and then exhale and feel your body relax.

Make Your Bed

Make your bed in the morning! That may seem a little silly, but putting the effort into making your bed can help give a good boost of self-esteem. You’ve only just woken up, and you’ve already accomplished something. What’s more, there can be something downright therapeutic about folding and creasing each sheet with appropriate exactitude.

Relaxing Morning Shower

Take the time and enjoy that morning shower! Take in every little tactile pleasure – the sound of the water as it rushes, tinkles, splashes and falls, the sensation of each warm or cold drop sliding down your skin, the temperature, the steamy atmosphere…sing if you have to, breathe in the steam, just do whatever it takes to make this a special, mindful time.

Getting Dressed

Approach getting dressed as you might approach getting costumed for a play, or putting on your gear before a big game. In both of these fields, you want to come out looking pristine and primed for action. Take the time to feel that way as well.


We’ve already mentioned singing in the shower, but if that doesn’t quite do it for you, then you’ll definitely want to put on the kind of music that makes you feel ready for the day. Whether it’s something calm and soothing to settle you down or raucous and rousing to pump you up, consider early morning music the soundtrack to success.


Brush those teeth! It can be easy to overlook basic dental hygiene, but if you feel clean inside, it’ll show in your smile.


Start the day the right way with quality tea/coffee and a breakfast that you prepare yourself, carefully, tastefully – and mindfully, of course.

Mindfulness Exercise

Finally, take the time to practice a mindfulness exercise. Wake up 15-30 minutes early if you need to make time for this important activity. Find a quiet place, sit, breathe deeply, and clear your mind. Let thoughts pass through your mind without judgement. Simply observe. Wrap up the mindfulness exercise and continue with your day.

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